House Fairies?

One of my loves is Fairies, Hobbits, Gnomes, Sprites, etc. and I used to look for all when I walked the woods at our old cabin. My discoveries always gave me a basketful of forest items to bring home, I found lots of mushrooms, even fairy rings, and ideas they gave me when they had an overnight party. I collected the moss the deer kicked up and made fairy gardens where I transplanted the moss.
What a delight! Use your imagination, you might find something also. I did bring some moss to our new cabin where different moss grows here, It is a work in progress! Smiles, Cyndi

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Book Fairy

House Fairies?

The back door came unhinged in the hovel she lived in.
so when she got back home from wherever she had been,
there had been a kind intruder who sparkled up the place.
Tidied up the dishes and polished up its face.
Brightened up the house by cleaning all the glass—
giving the mirrors and the windows more than just a pass.
Plumped up all the sofa cushions, scrubbed down all the floors.
Polished all the bathroom fixtures, fixed all of the doors.
Grime and dust and smudges that had grown over the years
were abolished in one massive cleaning in arrears.
Who the house fairy might have been, she never quite determined,
but her house was clean and glowing, its corners all de-vermined.
At first she was in shock, astonished at the brass
of the home invasion, but then it came to pass
that she kind of…

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